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Our Story

Founded in 2019, Sila Health provides a low-data chatbot that gives users in over 50 countries answers to their medical inquiries on platforms such as WhatsApp and SMS.

Additionally, we provide detailed anonymized data on general health trends to governments and non-governmental organisations to enable them to better address health issues and measure the effectiveness of health policies.
Today our team has grown to a total of 7 staff excluding our advisory board and we serve over twenty thousand users across the globe.

Providing last-mile healthcare access across Africa using chat platforms and machine learning

Instant healthcare advice

Our natural language processing-based chatbot gives free instant medical advice

Accessible to all, for free

Sila Health is accessible to millions via existing, low-data and data-free platforms FB chat, Whatsapp & SMS

Telemedicine at scale

Our platform enables online doctor-patient consultations via phone, in the remotest of areas

Our Team

We are a young, agile team with a proven track record, diverse skill sets, and vision to succeed.

Our Vision

To provide healthcare access to Africa’s most economically vulnerable.

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Phone: +31 64 773 6885