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View real-time health trends across every location and demographic.

Our data helps to predict outbreaks much better and earlier, enabling rapid response to contain outbreaks at a fraction of the cost.

Our large amounts of anonymised data enable health organisations and governments to track reported symptoms by age, gender and location in real-time.

The Trends platform provides detailed anonymized data on general health trends to better address health issues and to measure effectiveness of health policies


Case Study

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Our partnership with the City of Bulawayo’s Health Department has bolstered their efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, disseminate critical information at scale, and measure the impact of their policies.

To date, our AI chatbot has answered general questions related to the virus and our assessment questionnaire drastically reduced the burden on the city’s testing capacity.

Key Results

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Improvement in patient outreach
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Reduction in call center queries

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