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The personification of our machine learning-powered service. Delivering instant health advice across Africa.

Sis Joyce is accessible to millions via existing, low-data and data-free platforms such as Facebook chat, Whatsapp and SMS.

Machine learning enables us to provide quality, instant health advice to users with varying levels of digital literacy

Our service is available to millions in 13 African languages including Xhosa, Yoruba and Swahili


Case Study

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Our partnership with the City of Bulawayo’s Health Department has bolstered their efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, disseminate critical information at scale, and measure the impact of their policies.

To date, Sis Joyce has answered general questions related to the virus and our assessment questionnaire drastically reduced the burden on the city’s testing capacity.

Key Results

COVID-19 Remote Assessments
0 %
Improvement in patient outreach
0 %
Reduction in call center queries

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Our Vision

To provide healthcare access to Africa’s most economically vulnerable.

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