Sila Health connects users to trained healthcare professionals through the use of popular chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS.

To reduce the burden on our volunteer network, we use artificial intelligence to provide intermediate access to basic healthcare.

Our platform readily assists decision makers to identify methods of advancing healthcare by leveraging comprehensive datasets. Sila Health grants decision makers access to real-time data that informs critical insights into prominent disease outbreaks in hard-to-reach areas.

For this reason, our toolkit is an essential addition to every local government response.

We provide the following to local governments and non-governmental organisations

We collect anonymised data and analyse health trends in each locale, providing real-time insight into the spread of diseases, pandemics, and the prevalence of drug resistance.

Coronavirus tests are not widely available yet. Our platform provides online assistance to people who believe they may have coronavirus symptoms to help keep low-risk patients from clogging up hospitals. We do this by: disseminating information on the virus through chat enabling users to assess their symptoms through our chat-based World Health Organisation symptom checker collecting geographic and human network information for cases identified as potential positives to assist with contact tracing.

Our data can be used to better inform decision making in communities, as it can detail the areas that are suffering the most from health-related issues.

Case Study

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Our partnership with the City of Bulawayo’s Health Department has bolstered their efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, disseminate critical information at scale, and measure the impact of their policies.

To date, our AI chatbot has answered general questions related to the virus and our assessment questionnaire drastically reduced the burden on the city’s testing capacity.

Key Results

COVID-19 Remote Assessments
0 %
Improvement in patient outreach
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Reduction in call center queries

Our platform is prepared to handle high volumes of traffic & supply real-time data

Our Vision

To provide healthcare access to Africa’s most economically vulnerable.

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