Junior care
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Our Junior plan provides peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most- your children. It is designed to offer quality cover at an affordable price, with a range of benefits made specifically to take care of children.

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Benefits per annual cycle
General Practitioner consultations (in-person)


General Practitioner consultations (video/voice call)


General Practitioner house call


Dentist consultations


Registered nurse consultations (video/voice call)


Registered nurse house call


Pharmacy wallet


After care follow up messages


Health monitoring device


Free prescription delivery



General practitioner consultation

A General Practitioner consultation is a regular meeting with a member’s GP to discuss any ongoing or chronic health issues that they may have. Results from tests, X-rays, etc. are available prior to the start of the consultation, usually sent electronically and therefore available in advance if desired. Plan members are eligible for a specific number of in-person, home care, and virtual General Practitioner consultations per year.

Dentist consultation

A dentist consultation is a short, in-person meeting with a dentist during which a member discusses their dental situation and treatment options with the dentist. An appointment can last anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour. During the meeting, the member will be asked about their concerns and personal information, including any medical problems they may have. This consultation may also include an examination, during which time the dentist will carefully look over each tooth and surrounding structures of the mouth to diagnose any issues the member might be having. In some instances, a new patient may be given a preliminary exam and x-rays are sometimes taken as well. Members are eligible for a specific number of dentist consultations per year on selected plans.

Registered nurse consultation

A registered nurse consultation is a one-on-one meeting with a registered nurse who is working to help a member reach their desired health outcome. The consultation is conducted via telehealth technology on our app-free low-bandwidth platform. A registered nurse consultation could include an assessment of current medication, lab, physical exams and review of medical records. Plan members are eligible for a specific number of virtual, and home care registered nurse consultations per year.

Pharmacy wallet

The pharmacy wallet is an annual amount members receive to cover the cost of prescription medications. It automatically deducts the cost of prescribed medication based on retail prices. It is designed to help plan members manage and automatically pay for medications prescribed by their attending physician. Wallet Top-ups allow sponsors to add credit to virtual wallets in order to cover recurring prescriptions and referrals to specialists. Members are eligible for a specific pharmacy wallet amount per year on selected plans.

Aftercare follow up messages

Patient aftercare messages are automated notifications generated from our award-winning EHR system that monitor drug adherence and patient recovery, send reminders for follow ups, and more. After clinical treatment for a patient is completed, it is critical to follow up with the patient to ensure their long-term health and recovery. Plan members are eligible for a specific number of aftercare follow up messages per year.

Health monitoring device

Health monitoring devices help members take control of their health and connects the patient to their personal doctor in an effort to improve treatment of chronic diseases. Our health monitoring devices include a year’s supply of material required to conduct a test. Plan members are eligible for a single device for monitoring either diabetes or hypertension per year.

Prescription delivery

We offer free delivery of member prescriptions country-wide. We have partnered with local pharmacies across the country so our members never have to worry about traveling to retail locations for their prescription medication. We use proprietary technology that allows us to automatically capture e-prescriptions for fulfillment by traditional pharmacies and work with delivery partners in each municipality. Plan members on eligible plans are entitled to an unlimited number of deliveries per year.

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Information is not a complete description of benefits. Call +31 64 773 6885 for more information. Limitations and restrictions may apply. Plan performance is assessed each year and may change from one year to the next. Benefits, subscription premiums, and/or surcharges may change on January 1 of each year. The formulary, pharmacy network, and/or provider network may change at any time. You will receive notice when necessary.
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